What should you look for in the best tower fans? See this buying guide and reviews.

Tower fans are much better option than the ceiling fans. The best fans as per reviews look like a tower and generally weigh between 9 to 13 pounds. These fans are delivered in two parts – base and tower – You need a screwdriver to assemble the base to the tower. After fitting, just check for the firmness of the base. The base is usually between 12 to 15 inches in diameter. The height of tower is generally around 40 inches.

tower fan

Benefits and Uses

The tower fans are expensive than pedestal fans. But they are sturdier and come with more features and safer with children around. The additional features may include timers and ionizers and many more such stuff.
It is beneficial if you do not like AC cooling and like to sleep with open windows and natural air.

Features in the best tower fan

Size of room

It is important to consider the size of the room or area in which you intend to use. The closer the fan is to you, the higher air will come to you. This is one important criteria for your best tower fan to function well.

Floor space

It takes very small amount of floor space but pushes a lot of air. These fans are designed for maximum air distribution. You can feel a strong breeze from a distance of 40 feet.
These slim designed towers take very less space and are perfect for cooling the areas where floor space is limited.


Noise is an important factor especially if you place it in the work area or in the bed room. If it is high, it can cause disturbance.

Breeze settings

These fans are very attractive and give you lots of breeze setting options to you.
To direct the breeze upward or downward inside your room, you have to push the wheel on top of tower. It is one of the quietest fans to cool the area.


Oscillation increases the area which the tower fan can cover to provide air. The speed of oscillation and the degree to which the blades can move is an important determinant. There are options of up and down oscillation as well and you can check them out.


There are units which come with plastic parts that are cheaper and may not be sturdy. These might not last long so you should look for stronger stuff. Metals will obviously be more durable and the best tower fan will use steel or something else which does not rust.

Remote control and control panel

Control panel is generally mounted on the top of the fan and is remote controlled. You can control everything: oscillation, speed, ion and timer – with your remote control. The control panel has option of different fan speeds: low, medium and high. Easy carry handle is mounted on the top to move it from one place to another.
Remote has resting place on top of fan and an indicator glows at night for easy finding.


There are fans that come with ionizer to purify air. However if you have asthma or breathing problem, you might want to avoid these because they give out ozone which may aggravate the problem.


The weight of the tower fan plays an important part in moving it from one room to the other. Also, during the off season you might want to store it. This would be difficult with a heavy unit.

These fans use turbo technology to move more air than the ceiling fans.

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